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Detalles Rápidos

Tipo: Máquina de llenado
Estado: Nuevo
Application: Beverage, Food, Commodity, Medical, Chemical
Packaging Type: cup
Material de embalaje: plástico, papel, metal, vidrio, madera
Grado Automático: Automático
Tipo de impulsión: eléctrico
Voltaje: 220V / 50HZ
Potencia: 1kw
Dimension(L*W*H): 1250*1250*1650mm
Peso: 250kg
Certificación: CE SGS
Product name: Rotary type paper cup ice cream cup filling sealing machine
Capacity: 600-800 cups per hour
Filling volume: 5-10ml
Model: BZ-2
Tank capacity: 30L
Material: acero inoxidable 304
Función: Formación de sellado de llenado
Garantía: 12 meses
Keywords two: ice cream cup filling and sealing machine
Servicio postventa: ingenieros disponibles para máquinas de servicio en el extranjero


Ice-cream Filling Machine is intermittent-type linear-movement filling machine, which can fill ice-creams with multiple filling heads, it's a multifunctional filling equipment. This product is mainly used in producing cone ice-cream, cup ice cream and different garland and rotary ice-cream. Also, it can produce double-color, triple color ice-creams and add jam and chocolate on ice-creams as well as filling plane cutting products.


Ice-cream Filling Machines are equipped with stations of automatic cup falling, cup arranging, inner chocolate spraying, ice-cream filling, nuts sprinkling, jam adding, chocolate dripping, garland, cover adding, cover pressing(heat-sealing lid)and products sending out etc. We can also design special working stations according to the customers' requirements. This equipment adopts PLC computer control and touch screen, mechanical operation composed control to make it easy for adjusting and operation. The machines are with good shape, and it's convenient to clean. With the characteristic of large output and products are the same standards, it's now the advanced ice-cream filling equipment in China.

What features of cup sealing machine?

1.CE certifcation
2.Speical produced according to customers' requirement
3.Highly automate: auto cup falling, filling, sealing, coding and output
4.Easy operation , high filling precision


1, The machine will be produced according to your requirements, picture for reference only.
2, According to your request, provides the special design.
3, The machine disposition may make the choice.


This machine is specially designed for cups with rolled film or pre-cut lid products( or other kinds of liquid products, such as fruit juice, water and even granule and powder and others etc. ) to be filled and sealed. Can automatic do plastic cup, and other cups according to customers demand.

Our liquid cup filling and sealing machines applied with world famous eletrical and pneumatic components.
All the parts of machine contact with liquid are made of stainless steel .PLC touch screen control.

This kind linear filling sealing machine works very efficiently, the capacity can be customized to meet a high capacity requirement.

This kind of machine can deal with some big cup need high capacity, the groove of the conveyer can be made up to a dozen and more.

Working Process:

Falling cups:Cups drop down one by one automatically.
Filling liquid or paste:Measuring filling type.
Filling pawder or granule:Measuring filling type.
Sealing and cutting film:0-300°c can be adjusted.
Drop finished cups:The finished cup will be dropped. We also can configuration the conveyor.